Freelance florist life

Have you noticed that other creative industries have a whole range of platforms allowing freelancers to book jobs and work on their own terms, in a full time capacity?


Freelancers, from all industries, have the ability to book full time hours that work around their lives if they approach freelancing as exactly what it is, a business in it’s own right. Some of the best florists we know are our freelancing friends who have worked for a million different florists and seen every design style, installation process, customer service journey, market run – they’ve seen it all. We wholeheartedly believe that this level of exposure makes the absolute BEST florists.


However, our florist industry in Australia has been severely lacking in any technology that allows freelancing florists to find work, and be booked for work, consistently.


Sure, we have good old fashion word of mouth. Which is great. But the world is changing and we wanted to keep up! When creating The FQ, freelancers were front and centre of mind. How could we help our fellow freelance florists to create a life they love?


By creating a centralised place to be booked.

A place they can showcase their work.

A place they can be contacted easily.

A dedicated jobs board for additional opportunities and proactive job searching.


When we started our wedding florals business 8 years ago, we wished there would have been a platform to allow us to book freelancing jobs as well as wedding bookings so we could fill all the dates in the calendar.


That’s why we combined the directory to allow freelancers and businesses to co-exist in the same platform. Because a large majority of freelancers also have their businesses. So by including ‘freelancer’ as an option in our services search – it meant that our beautiful freelancers have the option to create a listing for their business AND offer their freelancing services when the directory is filtered by florists in our industry looking for other florists.


Or of course, if you are purely a freelancer (without an official biz), you can create a listing and showcase your portfolio of work and extend your reach to book jobs further than just your word of mouth circle.


We want to see everyone working.


This hasn’t been done before in our industry. And we’re very excited for what this can mean for our members in creating a life full of flexibility and choice.


Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in your freelancing journey!


The FQ xx