Industry Feature: Style By Ashleigh K

Spotlight on Style By Ashleigh K

Today we get to celebrate Style By Ashleigh K, otherwise known to us in the FQ office as – Ash – the loveliest human alive, creator of swoon worthy florals, and Central Victoria’s answer to wedding and event magic.

From the business beginnings over 7 years ago, Style By Ashleigh K has refined their attention to place a focus on creating bold floral and design concepts with exceptional service across Central Victoria, and boy, are we glad they did.

We are thrilled to get to sit down and chat with Ash about herself, her team and what makes SBAK so darn special!

Ashleigh Haase Photography


Tell us a little about what a day in the life look like at SBAK?
Our days are all unique, pending the season, bookings and events recently completed. With three of us online (one interstate) we delegate the tasks and prioritise upcoming weddings, with design, admin, flowers, décor cleaning/packing and prep.
I (Ash K) am on designs, proposals and concept creation, whilst Eliza is on planning, admin, creating run sheets, creating flower recipes liaising with clients regarding stationery, linens and furniture. And our lovely Alice is on social media planning, website development and marketing. We are small but mighty. All three of us usually have a group chat on speaker phone, which allows everyone to be on the same page, share ideas and feel as though we are all beside one another, cue the witty banter and Dad jokes (from Ash.. no one ever laughs…)
If we are in the studio, we are darting about washing buckets, prepping flowers, arranging bouquets, creating centrepieces and working through our checklists to be as organised as humanly possible for the coming days, but sometimes kids get sick, the creative isn’t flowing and we just run out of time. So it is a constant juggle, balancing act and sway between office, studio, work and life. But we have each other on any given day to lean on, to call and to ask for help.

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What’s your absolute favourite part about what you do?
My team (Eliza, Kiah, Alice, Tara & Jacinta) and the wonderful humans that we get to create for.
Without my team beside me I could not execute the weddings, designs and crazy concepts like we do, and without our clients and the trust they have in us, we could not dream and deliver these incredible floral and styling experiences.

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Is there anything you would change about the flower world?
Wishing for all flowers to be grown in a sustainable way and to remove the use of floral foam.
This is changing, we can see the movement, and we are working to change our ways in which we create for a holistic and more eco-friendly approach to floristry, it begins with us.

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Where do you see yourself or your business in 5 years time?
To be honest I had not allowed myself to answer this question over the last three years, with the fear that something would come in and pull it away from me again, dreaming and planning felt like a waste of time. As we move into our warehouse, a big step in business growth, I see more opportunities in our service offering as well as team growth, but I am unsure as to what that actually looks like.

My biggest wish for the future of SBAK is more joy, to bring joy to those we work with, to have my employees love what they do, and to bring joy into my own life more often.

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Thanks you so much for sitting down with us to chat all things business and flowers, Ash. You’re an absolute gem and we are beyond proud to have you as part of The FQ community.

Style By Ashleigh K
P: 0404 142 729