Inspiration: Urban Antidote

Editorial Submission from Emily Watters, Petal Pushers Sydney


“Typically, the presence of flowers bring up feelings of joy and brightness, but we wanted to do something a bit different and turn this on its head . Certainly, the more sombre shades of charcoal, deep red, chocolate and even black are stylish and captivating in their own moody way. It’s beautiful, in the same way that a Greek tragedy is beautiful.

I wanted to celebrate the best of the season and create bouquets that would represent each bride and the gown she was in. By creating en masse bouquets we really got to focus on the textures and shapes that each one brings to the table. It is subtle and simple but it gives an air or luxury and packs a visual punch. I wanted to take a ‘less is more’ approach, which is something different from my usual ‘more is more’, maximalist approach and really let each bouquet shine.

I think this trend is something really special and wanted to try using some flowers that were a little left of centre, that maybe wouldn’t be every brides first pick. I also wanted to celebrate our location which was the Innkeeper Studios in Rosebery. This was a beautiful sunlit, blank canvas studio that gave us all the New York loft vibes. I loved the way you could see the city out of the windows.

Cymbidiums are one of my all time favourite flowers so they were a no brainer. I absolutely adore that chocolate colour, we could have easily done a pink or yellow which are probably colours that most brides would be drawn to, but for me, to really achieve that moody vibe it had to be a dark tone. It oozes deliciousness.

The Corokia bouquet I know is something that not every bride will want, but at the same time, I wanted to create for a bride who is powerful, she’s strong and she is opinionated. Paired with that sleeker hair and very cool mini blazer dress- she has that don’t mess with me vibe. The lines created by the stems are so interesting and the way the sun hit them, creating shadows that were cast around the studio was really magnificent.

Our most luxurious bride holds the Phalaenopsis bouquet. This is a super elegant and lush bouquet. I love the way this bride was styled, from the dress, to the earrings and the headbands, this is an elegant refined bride who loves the finer things in life.

This was a really collaborative experience with no vendor thinking that their element was more important that the other. Karina, our photographer, was amazing. She shot an equal amount of beautiful shots of the gowns, the flowers, the model and the glam. We all worked together to bring this together. It was really inspiring and uplifting working with these women at the top of their games. They all run very successful businesses, and they make it look so effortless.”


Flowers: Emily, Petal Pushers Sydney @petalpusherssydney
Photographer: Karina
Gowns: Amy,@lovemariebridalboutique
@project.bridal (corokia bouquet),
@chosenbykyha (cymbid bouquet),
@chosenbykyha+@ael.este pearl headbands (phallie bouquet)
@alenaleenabridal@twigsandhoney pearl earrings (mixed bouquet)
Hair: Steph, @theprettyparlour
Make Up: Shelley, @shelleylia
Model : Erin, @__erinskellham
Venue: @innkeeperstudios

The FQ xx