Sustainable Tablescapes with PEPPERBERRY Flora

Today we are chatting to Ruth and Sally of PEPPERBERRY Flora, the fabulous Melbourne florists (and FQ fam) with a strong focus on sustainable floristry, design, photography and of course a big love of the flowers.

” This special wedding was a midsummer event at Mewburn Park Homestead, it’s about 15 minutes out of Sale in Central Gippsland. Mewburn Park is run by Adam and Julia who have decades experience in hospitality and know how to throw an absolutely fabulous party. When you arrive and turn into their gates, you know they’ve taken every part of your day into consideration, that there’s a journey ahead and each part of the wedding is going to be perfect. Our clients wanted fun, pastel and romantic. They weren’t fussed with any specific flowers, but they did really want an abundant table scape that their guests would feel relaxed sitting down at when supper was served”.

“We used garden rose varieties of David Austin and Dellbards, the cutest tiny zinnias, wispy sky blue hydrangea, achillea and super soft buttery marigolds. We ran the flowers down the table as if they were a midsummer border and wove delicate polka dot apricot tulle and taper candles in a wave down the tables. All the elements were designed in situ so that we could work with balance and height of the entire table scape. It was really important for us to consider the wow factor when everyone walked in and engage their curiosity with fine details while seated.

The garden roses smelled absolutely amazing! They perfumed the air with just a hint of romance and enticed you to lean in, the tablescape became interactive. The light too was PERFECT for the delicate fabric and stems, with the pink crystal champagne flutes”.

“We source only Australian grown flora and we first go to our local growers here in Gippsland. We’re dependent on the weather and it takes an entire community to gather from: QC Flower Farm (Labertouche), Misty Hill Flower Farm (Yarragon South), Moonrise Growers (Callignee) and our own micro farm Hallora Rise (Hallora) supplied all the flora.

We reuse all our mechanics (i.e. vases, pots, kenzan), so they are absolutely the best quality materials such as crystal, marble and stainless steel. We want our flowers to be taken home at the end of each event by the guests and the wedding party; it’s important to us that all the flora has a water source and will last as long as possible.

We are always trying to evolve, master a technique then challenge ourselves again and this drive applies to our designs and the way we do any installation, if there is a way to use less resources we prioritise that technique and go through our processes, with the clients developed brief to create an engaging and memorable event.

We will say, the tent was gorgeous but can be too warm for flowers, we really encourage later in the day celebrations in January and February, the daylight allows for a 6pm ceremony and means that your reception flowers won’t be melting in the afternoon heat”.

Thanks so much for chatting to us ladies!

You can find PEPPERBERRY Flora on The FQ Directory and at their links below.

All images were captured by Ruth and Sally, is there anything they can’t do?

0493 444 054
Melbourne, Victoria