Tips for enquiring with florists for your wedding day

Something we have realised over the years, is that more often than not, clients don’t always know what details to include in their first point of contact with florists.   And that’s because the world of flowers is often unknown territory, and the budgets for weddings usually far exceed what they have spent on flowers in the past.

It’s totally understandable to not fully understand the process, to not be sure what you should ask, what details are important or what should be included in your very first email.   If that sounds like you, and you feel a little bit like a fish out of water (hello, welcome to our safe space!), we have compiled a handy list of which details to include for first time flower lovers.

Read on below…

Specific Details for the Day

Include your event details, such as your date, location, start times and vendor access times as this information is crucial to the quoting process. Simply requesting their ‘packages’ unfortunately doesn’t provide enough detail. To provide a tailored price list, florists need so much more from their clients. Seasonality, location, timings, date availability – these are all super important in providing accurate price points for you.

Reference Photos and Quantities

Include references photos of the style you love as well as a list of what your needs and quantities are. The list by no means needs to be a final product but an indication is going to help your florist gauge the size of the job. It’s also a great way for your florist to know what’s important to you and what your expectations are in terms of style and abundance.


Include your budget expectations and/or constraints. Many florists work within a minimum spend so it’s helpful to learn what these are before sending off your email. Most florists will have them clearly stated on their website. We also highly recommend being open and transparent about your budget constraints, this will allow realistic expectations to be managed by both you and your florist.


Be timely with your response if you would like to book your favourite florist in. Dates cannot be held until a specified deposit has been paid. If you receive a quote and LOVE your florist, we suggest paying that bad boy and locking them in ASAP.

Please Don’t Ghost your Vendors 

If you have enquired with multiple florists – please do let the others know you have booked your florist – they won’t be offended (we promise) and it keeps everyone in the know about the date in question!

Planning your wedding or event and enquiring with vendor shouldn’t be a daunting prospect, albeit it definitely can be. Once you’ve shot off your initial emails and you start receiving responses, we highly recommend engaging the florist who makes you feel at ease, who communicates effectively and makes you feel like you are in the safest hands possible.

Flowers are meant to be fun – not stressful, we hope our checklist helps you along in your planning process.

Happy flowering!

The FQ xx