Trending bouquets for your wedding day

Your wedding day is coming. You’ve set the date. Booked your venue. Booked the celebrant. The band. But what about the flowers? How can you possibly choose a style or colour palette when they literally ALL make you swoon?

We’ve got you covered.

Below are our top picks for flower trends for this coming wedding season.


Colour Blocked
Colour blocking. For the modern bride who wants that injection of colour in a contemporary and innovative way. Think bold colour blocks in contrasting hues or a softer ombre style to reflect your personality and vibe of the day.

Bridal bouquet by Hunter Valley and Newcastle florist: Pushing Pansies | Photographer credit: Barefoot and Bearded


Petite Statements
We love a petite bouquet. Understated magic can happen when they are created with intention. Consider using higher end florals to create a luxurious aesthetic with big impact. Great things come in small packages after all.

Bridal bouquet by Sydney florist: Emily Patricia Floral | Photographer credit: Damien Milan Photography


Natives and Florals together….forever.
Natives and softer flowers belong together. They are a match made by the flower gods if you ask us. Consider a statement focal such as this stunning king protea, offset by softer roses and foliage to create texture and visual interest. Or consider softer natives such as Blushing Brides to add that native element to spice up a more traditional bouquet. You can’t go wrong.

Central Coast and Hunter Valley florist: The Bloom Folk | Photographer credit: Chris Little Photography


En Masse
Choosing one ingredient to feature is a bold statement with big impact. What’s more beautiful than letting your absolute favourite flower shine brightly and have their moment front and centre? Let your florist create beautiful shapes that are a little left of centre for maximum impact. It’s for the modern bride who wants to stand out.

Bridal bouquet by Sydney florist: Petal Pushers Sydney | Photographer credit: Karina Lee Studio


Unexpected Colour Combos
Want to inject a little fun and personality in to your day? Why not choose an unexpected colour palette that will guarantee to bring a smile to you and your guests dials. After the dreariness of the last few years, we are seeing so many colour combos that scream ‘let’s get the party started’ and we couldn’t be more here for it.

Central Victoria florist: Style By Ashleigh K | Photographer credit: Jess White Photography


The trailing bouquet or ‘oblique’ bouquet is making a comeback and we’re pretty happy about it! The more traditional bride’s LOVE this style and it really brings that old world charm. A subtle trail can be created from phalaenopsis stems, jasmine vine or you can go all out and get the fully wired beauty. Chat to your florist about what ingredients are best in your season to create this whimsical statement.

Bridal bouquet by Sydney florist: Visually Creative | Photographer credit: Amelia Soegijono


Texture, texture, texture
Texture. We love it in our interiors and we love it in our bouquets. Texture creates visual interest as well as a tactile experience and a great florist will work their magic to create a well-balanced bouquet full of texture and movement. Think dried elements, soft florals, trailing features and focal blooms.

Bridal bouquet by Brisbane florist: Mrs Gibbons Flowers | Photographer credit: Lover of Mine Photography


No matter what style you choose for your blooms, choose it because it makes your heart sing. Choose the florist who will listen to you, interpret what you say and the personality of both you and your partner to create stunning arrangements that reflect you and the vibe of your day.


Happy flowering!


The FQ xx