Welcome to The Florist Quarter

Welcome to The Florist Quarter!


A dedicated directory for both the floristry industry and flower lovers alike.


But first…


Who are we?


In a pre-C word world, we are a couple of flat-chat wedding florists from Sydney. After watching our flower friends in Melbourne go through the longest of lockdowns (and feeling like just MAYBE we dodged that bullet) we plunged back into our own restricted routine. Confined to the four walls of our homes, our weddings and livelihoods cancelling left, right and centre – we realised something;


This isn’t going to last forever. Flower life WILL be back. And it’s going to be huge.




What’s The Florist Quarter all about?


This got us thinking even more. We’re going to need staff.


Freelancers and staff are worth their weight in gold and if you find a good one, you never want to let them go. But they aren’t always available (how dare they have a social life – just joking – can we come!?). And so began the first seedlings of The Florist Quarter – a freelancer directory with active jobs board for job opportunities. Great. We could have stopped there.


But we want ALL our flower friends working. And so, a directory for businesses and freelancers was born. Whether directory users are looking for a bouquet delivery (hello shop owners), a full-service wedding booking, or if you’re a florist looking for freelancers – just filter the directory and bob is definitely your uncle.



Something we have come to expect as florists, is that we get asked all the time “who should I use to send flowers in * fill in location 100km from here or anywhere? *”


The answer is: we don’t always know. Which means that consumers likely don’t always know either.


The Florist Quarter is the answer to this question. A dedicated, accessible directory connecting consumers and our industry to talented Australian florists of all shapes and sizes – all across Australia.


We are passionate about championing real, local florists. Relay services and order gathering has taken its toll on our industry (more on this to come). We aim to be a safe place where consumers know that they are supporting local and talking to a real-life florist in a real-life suburb.


This is our vision. To facilitate community, educate consumers and create a new realm of collaboration, inspiration and connection – without the competition.



What comes next?


And so, we hope to grow and become the industry asset we set out to become. We welcome feedback, suggestions, ideas, dinner invitations – anything! If there is a topic you would like us to communicate – please get in touch.


The FQ.